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Foreclosure refund recovery may be new to you, but helping people recover money from foreclosures and other types of contractual obligations has been part of the financial industry for years. We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about surplus foreclosure refunds in the section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • That’s a good question and the answer is NO.
  • Our primary focus is helping people who have been basically robbed by the government, to finally have the tools and resources to successfully fight back.
  • There are massive amounts of ongoing governmental audits, attorney fees, filing claims, legal opinion letters, and more that we work through to help you win the fight and recover your money.
  • None of this costs you anything upfront and we only only receive a portion of the money that we recover for you AFTER all the work is done.
  • Contact us for more information and we’ll discuss everything upfront.

It depends. If there is surplus foreclosure money available, it typically takes between 60-120 days to process a claim. We work as quickly as possible and will notify you if a refund is available sooner.

Contact us today and we’ll get started working for you!

  • Let’s layout the worst case scenario. Let’s say we get your paperwork and we submit to it our Attorneys and find out that the government doesn’t owe you money or that it’s already permanently defaulted to them — which would be a horrible outcome for everyone EXCEPT the government. In that case, because we didn’t collect anything for you, it wouldn’t cost you a cent. We bare 100% of the cost of doing all the research and legwork. There’s never any upfront cost to our clients.
  • Let’s go to the other extreme. Let’s say we find the money and it’s still there waiting to be claimed. Our Attorneys file the claim, manage the entire process, and do all the legwork. You get to live your life and focus on other things, and in 60 to 120 days we call you up and say we are sending you a large check. In either case… you win.
  • If you’re still skeptical, we are happy to provide references of past clients we have worked with.
  • Contact us and lets discuss the possibilities for you!
  • The government is currently holding onto over 14 Billion dollars, hidden in various departments, agencies, and bureaus, made up of funds related to property sales, foreclosures, tax overpayments, mortgage overpayments and other types of transactions.
  • What most people don’t know, is if the funds aren’t claimed within a specified period of time, which varies greatly from Department to Department, the government keeps your money. That’s why we strongly suggest getting a claim started and recovering these funds quickly.
  • Are you ready to get started? Contact us. We can begin right away.
  • You can absolutely do that. Where you would start is another question entirely. There are countless piles of government records that our researchers have to sort through to identify people who may be owed money. However, you can absolutely do all the work, research, filing, attorney fees, claims, and pay all costs yourself.
  • OR you can let us do the work for you with no upfront cost and enjoy life while we’re doing it all for you!

No upfront costs. We do the work.

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